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The Best Zoos In America Are The Best For Good Reasons

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A precious and cynical child might well think a trip to the museum is just as good, if not better, than a trip to the zoo. Many museums now have vast exhibits of animals, exotic and otherwise, in areas conveniently compact and indoors, well buffeted from climatic elements all year round.

It true, of course, that the museum animals do lack a rather distinctive quality: which is to say that they’re dead — and stuffed! The truth is though, recalling from my childhood, many of the zoos I visited had animals which were so inanimate, they might well have been stuffed.

The days when zoos were largely animal museums are happily mostly a thing of the past, now. Indeed, in a certain sense, the more opposite to this that a zoo is capable of making itself, the more it may raise itself up into the league of the best zoos in America – or, indeed, the best in the world.

The best zoos in American, and the world, no longer resemble warehouses with bars. And more to the point, they are vigorous participants in the cultivation and preservation of our planet’s animal life. This participation often entails facilities and missions for research and enterprise that contributes to preservation of the natural habitat of such animals in the wild.

Such zoos distinguish themselves through contributing to a creation of a symbiosis, in which knowledge of how best to preserve natural habitat contributes to their ability to better design a zoo experience that is suited more to the natural disposition of their own animals. As a consequence of this ongoing learning and adapting process, today’s zoo is stimulating and rewarding in entirely new and unprecedented ways.

As zoo animals have the experience of living in environments more closely fit with their evolved dispositions, their natural liveliness is invigorated. This leads to animals with energy and curiosity. Such animals are active and involved with their environment and each other.

The benefits to both their psychological and physical healthy are considerable. Likewise, though, these superior living conditions for the animals allow the zoo visitor exciting experiences. The increased energy and vitality of the animals in this more stimulating setting, so much better suited to their evolutionary characteristics, allows zoo visitors to observe animals that not only are healthier, and more engaging, but also living a life more representative of their nature.

And of course since the behavior of the animals is now better suited to their natural habitat, the zoo becomes an educational experience in a manner far more complex and deep than the stand-and-gawk zoos of my youth.

One of the great outcomes of this new style zoo has been the construction of far vaster ranges for the animals to live within. This improvement in the living conditions of the animals, though, has posed challenges regarding the means to allow zoo visitors to experience the animals in this new habitat, without undermining its initial virtues. Leaders in the zoo community addressed these challenges with various kinds of carry-through technology and process reorganization. These have included monorails, safari tours and walk through zones.

The best zoos in America , or elsewhere, are characterized by this kind of synthesis. A conservationist mission, revised facility designs, and innovative applications of technology dovetail into an entirely new kind of institutional style that is not unfairly described as a zoological renaissance.

Such a renaissance has had profound impacts upon the modern zoo visitor. In place of the old museum zoos we now enjoy experiences as rich in learning opportunities as in sheer exotic awe. Our new zoos inspire an experience which verges on the otherworldly. We now enjoy the remarkable opportunity for a kind of communion with other kinds of life. These other lives, certainly, are different from our own. And yet, at the same time, no doubt due to the consequence of a common evolutionary past, in some uncanny sense there remains something that strangely resonates with us.

Herein lay the real magic of the best zoos in America. They pull off this remarkable feat of somehow combining the power and lessons of contemporary science and technology while in the process allowing us to experience something of the sublime.

Mitchell Jone’s top five list of the best zoos in America is a must read when you’re planning a family trip around a zoo holiday. And, please enjoy our YouTube video .

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Jacksonville: What To Do In The City

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Jacksonville, found along the St. Johns Stream in northeast Florida, is blessed with lovely weather and an active cultural scene. There are numerous attractions in Jacksonville, from holidays to humanities, and river walks to shopping. Here, we review some of the primary things to do in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Jacksonville Zoo is a walking safari. It features a Jaguar habitat, giraffe overlook, and over 1,500 types of rare or exotic animals. This is a great location for the whole family to go visit, especially if they'd like to get a glimpse of what types of unusual animals our world has to give.

Kingdom Plaza

This centrally-located shopping mall includes many widely recognized eateries, retail shops, and a massive bowling alley. It is a good stop to run away from some of the heat and revel in a day of shopping, eating, and bowling. If you have time, this is a great place to stop by.

Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair

The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair is a twelve-day fair that takes place in November of each year. It has a good variety of exhibits, including crafts, agricultural exhibits, many contests, horticultural exhibits, 4-H and FFA competitions, and music and entertainment. There are rides, games, and food that you would look forward to finding at any good fair.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

The Crummer museum has over 5,000 pieces of art, from the ancient to modern. It features many special collections that rotate in along with the Wark Collection of Early Meissen Porcelain, considered one of the most vital collections of its kind. The gardens cover 1.5 acres and highlight 20th century garden design with fountains, sculptures, and reflecting pools. The Museum and Gardens also offer tutorial programs for children and grownups.

Metropolitan Park

The Metropolitan Park is a public recreational facility along the banks of the St. Johns Stream in Central. It has got a 2,400 square foot stage with canopy-covered seating, play areas, and picnic shelters. It is home to several of the main attractions in Jacksonville, particularly its festivals, including the Jacksonville Jazz Holiday, Spring Music Holiday, and others. They're also open for hosting company and private events.

Rex, the Beach Blvd Dinosaur

Rex was originally part of a family fun park and miniature golf course. Those things have since disappeared, but Rex remains in the same place he's been for 30 years. He has recently been given an upgrade, with light-up eyes and fresh paint. He currently is a beacon for visitors that are close to the beach.

Riverside Arts Market

This weekly arts market is located under the Fuller Warren Bridge. Artists sell a good range of humanities, crafts, clothing and jewelry. Street performers and musicians also find their home there. In addition to the humanities stalls, a farmer’s market runs year round.

Jacksonville Landing

The Jacksonville Landing is located in downtown Jacksonville and is set along the St. John’s Brook. It features bistros, shopping, and lots of events each year. These include music, carnivals, and holiday parties. Plenty of the sorts of things to do in Jacksonville are found right here in one place.

Southbank Riverwalk

The Southbank Riverwalk is found across the St. John’s Stream from Jacksonville Landing. It features walking trails, benches, picnic tables, and a canoe launch. It's a nice place for walking the stream, enjoying nature, and spending some quiet time with pals and family.

Jonas Fredrickson has been interested in tourism Jacksonville for a number of years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces about attractions in Jacksonville for many online publications. For more info about things to do in Jacksonville please visit his site.

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Top Zoos in Vegas

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A trip to Las Vegas does not need to be all glitz, bright lights and big name performers. There are zoos in Las Vegas superb for providing visitors with a different sort of wild Las Vegas experience. Visiting a zoo in Las Vegas or a Las Vegas aquarium will offer a an enjoyable change of pace from the regular Vegas scene. Zoos in Las Vegas are for the most part compact, but they offer enormous entertainment. Below you will find a list with some of the best attractions in Las Vegas, different from the casinos.

The Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park

The Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park, commonly referred to as the Las Vegas Zoo is only 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. This 3 acre shaded refuge exhibits over 150 species of animals and plants. There's a Natural Living Campus where visitors may learn all about the environment through interactive experiences. The focus of this zoo in Las Vegas is to teach visitors about endangered and rare plants and animals as well as habitat preservation. The zoo also has a selection of animal species like large pussies, chimpanzees, and ostrich. There are two extraordinarily unique exhibits at this zoo. The 1st, a family of Barbary Apes, the last of their kind in the US and the second, the biggest predator in Madagascar, the fossa. This is the biggest zoo in Las Vegas and the only zoo in Nevada open year round.

Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

There is also quiet refuge to be found right on the strip. At the Mirage Hotel complicated is Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. This tropical themed setting with palms and lush foliage is home to Atlantic Bottle Nosed Dolphins swimming among a pretty synthetic reef. Spend a while relaxing and cooling down at this beguiling Las Vegas aquarium while watching the playful escapades of the dolphin. Once refreshed, visit the sizeable cat habitat and marvel at the extraordinary white lions, white tigers, leopards and cheetah.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

At Mandalay Bay, also on the Las Vegas strip, is Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. This Las Vegas aquarium is the only predator based aquarium in North America. Visitors will see rare golden crocodiles, sawfish, many species of shark, endangered green sea turtles, giant rays, piranhas, and jelly fish. Certified divers may arrange to dive in this 22 feet deep, predator infested pool. The Shark Reef is a garantee fun for everyone.

MGM Grand Lion Habitat

Twelve miles from the Vegas strip the MGM Grand hotel offers visitors the MGM Grand Lion Habitat. This 8.5 acre ranch permits visitors to watch these glorious cats as they eat, play, and naturally sleep. The lions at the MGM Grand Lion Habitat are descendants of the original MGM lion that became the classic symbol of MGM studio productions.

After all these options, you must visit at least one of the many attractions the Sin City offers to its residents and visitors, besides casinos. Have Fun!

James Darien has had an interest in attractions Las Vegas for many years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces about attractions in Vegas for many online publications. For the details about zoo in Las Vegas please visit his site.

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Visiting Zoos and Aquariums in Washington DC

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Washington DC is primarily famous for politics and chances to explore our country's history. However , several aquariums and zoos in Washington DC and the near by areas permit residents and visitors to savour nature in an interactive and unique way. The zoos in Washington DC have something for everyone, from families with little kids to nature fans to photographers. Below we have a list wiht the top zoos and aquariums in Washington DC for you and your family to visit. For sure it is worth spending the money. You will discover different species, as well as their natural habitat.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is among the nation’s true treasures. The National Zoo in Washington DC has free admission and is open each day of the year except Christmas. This zoo in Washington DC features 2 giant pandas as well as over 400 different kinds of animals from all over the world. The National Zoo also has got an exhibit known as the Working Party, where guests are encouraged to find out more about how animals think and learn. The zoo is presently researching how memories influence the choice making process of orangutans in the Brains Trust.

National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD is a short driving distance from metro Washington DC and can be accessed by both vehicle and the general public transport system of Washington DC and Maryland. This DC area aquarium features sharks, dolphins, and more than 650 different species of marine and marine life. For a further charge, guests can also enjoy special events like dolphin encounters, breakfast with dolphins, sleepovers with the sharks, and behind-the-scene tours.

Virginia Safari Park

The Virginia Safari Park is the area’s only drive through safari park. Found approximately three hours from Washington DC, this Natural Bridge, Virginia park features a drive-through safari, a walk-through zoo, and a petting zoo. The Virginia Safari Park encourages visitors to watch animals in a more natural setting, allowing visitors the likelihood of observing feeding, wooing behaviors, and even the birth of baby animals. Visitors will drive along a three-mile path and can permit animals to eat precise park-provided food straight from the auto window. Ostriches, elk, zebras, camels, and llamas can be noted in the drive-through portion of the safari. The petting zoo area permits children and adults to pet and feed paunch pigs, goats, llamas, and giraffes. The park operates from March through November of every year.

Reston Zoo

The Reston Zoo is located a short way from downtown Washington DC. The DC area zoo is found on 30 acres and includes walking paths, a petting zoo, a bird house where birds are able to fly free, and Zoofari lorry rides where guests can feed several species of animals. The wagon ride is included in the admission price for the zoo. Reston Zoo is closed December through early March of every year.

National Aquarium, Washington DC

Found steps away from the Government House visitor’s entrance and the National Mall, the National Aquarium is the perfect stop for sea lovers and families with babies. The National Aquarium in DC is significantly smaller compared to the sister building in Baltimore. Nevertheless the Washington DC aquarium features more than 200 different kinds of nautical life. The National Aquarium in Washington DC contains the American Freshwater Ecosystems Gallery with species from freshwater habitats across the U. S.. There are also amphibians and exhibits on Amazon River Basin species. This Washington DC aquarium is open to the public every day except Xmas and Thanksgiving.

After visiting these incredible natural habitats for different types of animals, we know you will enjoy even more your visit to Columbus.

Jamie Grotter has been interested in hot spots in Washington DC for years. She has written op-eds and editorial pieces about attractions in Washington DC for many online publications. For full information about zoo in Washington DC please feel free to visit her site.

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Enjoy The Adventure at Indianapolis Zoo

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When looking for Zoos in Indianapolis, there is no need to look further than the Indianapolis Zoo which is home to a gorgeous botanical garden, a special sea water aquarium which is home to a collection on dolphins, seals, and sea lions, and a massive collection of dazzling animals on display in their natural habitats. Special zoo tours and journeys, that accommodate only four guests at a time, provide intimate experiences with zoo animals.

Indianapolis Zoo Research

The Indianapolis Zoo is involved in one or two constant research projects for the defence of endangered animals and their natural habitats and is a proud player in Cooperative Animal Management Programs. Animal conservation is a high priority to the Indianapolis zoo and the staff is proud of the dolphin births and other breeding programs. Learn more at the Indianapolis zoo.

White River Gardens

One of the most pretty attractions at the zoo in Indianapolis is the 3.3 acre White River Gardens which is split up into five parts, the design gardens, the sun garden, the shade garden, the water garden and the wedding garden. Visitors at the zoo in Indianapolis can take a stroll on any of the walking trails of the White River Garden and see densely planted gardens with the latest in garden design and enjoy a liberal spread of flora and fauna. Within DeHaan Tiergarten is the 5,000 sq. Ft. Glass enclosed Hilbert Conservatory that is home to exotic tropical foliage, trickling water, a pond with exotic fish, and spectacular blossoming tropical plants.h

Elephant Bathing Adventure

Of all of the Zoos in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Zoo is the sole place where visitors can participate with hands on in The Elephant Bathing Adventure. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get near enough to touch an elephant while you help scrub and bath the biggest creature walking the earth today.

Adventure Tours

The Adventure Tours at the Indianapolis Zoo takes visitors in back to meet the animals close up, learn about the care and feeding of the animals, and a behind the scene look from on stage at the Dolphin Shows. The Adventure Tours is a led tour by an Adventure Guide and incorporates a map and mandatory information for the tour.

Dolphin In-Water Adventure

The Indianapolis aquarium for Dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo is authorized by the Association and Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums (AMMPA). The Dolphin In-Water Adventure is an opportunity for Indianapolis aquarium guests to suit up in a wet suit, after attending a short class, and get into a huge sea water pool with dolphins. Much of the adventure teaches guests about feeding, signaling dolphins to perform movements, and hands-on interaction one-on-one with a dolphin.

Seal, Sea Lion, or Walrus Art Adventure

Can a sea lion, seal, or walrus actually paint? The pinnipeds at the Indianapolis Zoo Seal, Sea Lion, or Walrus Art Adventure do. Experience one of these fantastic creatures personally as you learn all about the pinnipeds and its entrancing way of life. Players are invited to select the colour palette to be used by the pinnipeds to paint a completely unique painting for you to take home as a souvenir.

Abbey Garrison has been interested in hot spots in Indianapolis for years. She has written op-eds and editorial pieces about attractions in Indianapolis for many online publications. For more info about zoo in Indianapolis feel free to visit her site.

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