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Selecting The Right Materials To Come Up With Watercolor Marine Art Prints

People use different things to decorate their houses and offices. You might choose to have carvings placed at strategic points, or use watercolor marine art prints. These you can either purchase from an artist, at a gallery, or even decide to hang things, which you painted yourself. Looking at these paintings will allow you to reminisce on the serene beauty of the marine environment.

Whether you are a beginner, or you have been painting for many years, you need to have the right tools for the trade. This will mean investing in good quality canvas, paints, brushes, and even getting the right clothes for the job. With the right tools, the right training, and an eye for detail, you should be able to come up with a good print.

When you go shopping for brushes, refrain from buying many, even if you think it will be cheap. Good quality brushes are a bit expensive, and you might limit you from buying many. Ideally, even with five good ones, you should be able to get started. The best brushes are made from natural fibers like squirrel and sable. You can also look for those made of synthetic materials, but they should be soft. Make sure that you also get the right sizes.

You need to ensure that you buy good water color paints. These can come either as liquid, tube, or pan paints. If you want something portable, stay away from the liquid ones, as they easily spill. For a beginner, you may start by choosing a set, which offers you about twelve hues. As you progress, continue adding additional colors, depending on your preferences.

Another thing you will need to get is the surface on which you will paint. You may choose to get watercolor paper as you start, then later progress to canvas. This paper should be thick, so that it does not buckle or start to fold, as the paint dries. These papers come as individual sheets, as a block, or in a pad. For convenience purposes, it will be better to buy a pad, or a block of them.

After you buy all the supplies, you will need a place to mix the different hues with water, and with other colors. In case you do not see the need to buy a pallet, you can use a white plate to do this. However, it is better to just buy one. This will allow you to play around with different colors. Some of those available in the market are plastic covered, or even covered in metal.

Most people are comfortable using to tap water to mix the colors. This can be held in two small jars, one for cleaning the brushes, and the second for painting. If you think the water is too hard or too soft, you can choose to use bottled water, so as not to affect the outcome.

There will be some other small knickknacks, which you need to buy. These include pencils, erasers, and an easel. You may choose to buy a wooden or plastic easel, or have one made for you. You need to use newspapers or old clothes, to prevent paint from staining your floors and the surrounding surfaces, as well as an apron, to protect your clothes.

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